Project Freedom Ranch
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Project Freedom Ranch
The Ranch’s inner workings:

Equine Therapy- Each veteran will be given one on one attention so they are comfortable with their level of horsemanship.  Our therapist will be nationally certified in EAGALA Equine Therapy.

Ranch Therapy - Team work builds unity, trust and is incredibly therapeutic.  After a long day of riding and "mending fences", the campfire atmosphere can be an incredible catalyst. Getting up at dawn to feed the livestock, milking a cow or gathering eggs are all part of "Ranch Therapy".  It seems we have lost something in our complex digital world; Project Freedom Ranch is in the business of restoration! 
Partners- Project Freedom Ranch relies 100% on the generosity of our Partners. Because we've believe in the power of the people, PFR prefers not to be funded as a government program. Become a partner and 100% of your partnership is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  

Regain Control  
Regain Brain Functions 
Regain Emotional Health
Regain Social Life
Regain Purpose
New Dreams Gained
The Project Freedom Ranches mission is to support our returning troops.  Offering a safe therapeutic fortress for veterans, who are dealing with PTSD & TBI.  PFR will be an outlet, using the cutting edge approach with Therapy Horses. This fairly new paradigm will provide a solution to growing social issue effecting our nation. For decades medication and talk therapy has been the status quo for treatment. The Ranch will use a multifaceted approach; Equine Therapy & Ranch Therapy, while working closely with each veteran's VA Physician (whenever possible). The ranch setting provides a safe place to face their demons; while being shoulder to shoulder in a healthy environment. 
Our Mission

Our goal is for each veteran to return home & live their American dream. 
- Len Wright

Our goal is for each veteran to return home & live their American dream. 
- Len Wright